Become a Brand Rep'

LS Bright Design is proud to work with a fantastic team of loyal, hardworking and all-round amazing brand ambassadors who showcase the

LS Bright Design brand by creating original and engaging content that we use in our marketing on an almost daily basis. We applaud and thank each and every one of these hardworking individuals for their amazing support and for being part of such an awesome team! 👏

We’re always looking to expand the Brand Rep' though please do bear in mind that we usually get hundreds of applications every month, so to make the cut you'll need to show some enthusiasm and have super engaging content to help us showcase our brand. If you think you have what it takes, first and foremost, be sure to follow us on Instagram and then follow the application steps below... 🎉

How to apply?
You must already follow @lsbrightdesign and show an existing active interest in the LS Bright Design brand, whether as an existing customer already sharing our content or as a loyal follower who is actively engaging with our posts on a regular basis. If this is you, you're already halfway there to being accepted as a Brand Rep.

To apply...

      1. 1. Follow @lsbrightdesign on Instagram.
      2. 2. Like at least 3 of our recent posts.
      3. 3. Use the official application link to  Apply Here
      4. 4. Read the T&C’s below.

What are the Brand Rep Benefits?
As an Official Brand Rep’ you’ll get...

  • A £20 Brand Rep' Gift Voucher to spend on LS Bright Design  products, every month!
  • A 15% Commission paid to you (via PayPal) for every order made via your personalised link or code.
  • An Extra 30% Off for all of your family, friends and followers who use your personalised link or code.
  • Early access to new products and promotions!

When and how often will I be paid?
We make payments biweekly (twice a month) providing your outstanding unpaid (earned commission) is at least £10.00 or more. Any commissions earned under £10.00 since your last payment will remain within your current balance and will simply roll over into the next period.

What are the requirements?
Each month you must place an order with us (however small it doesn’t matter😉) to receive your £20 voucher. You must also engage with our brand on a regular basis, liking and sharing our content, including any content shared by other Brand Reps’ in helping to promote our brand. We also ask that you promote and share any products that you receive from us in your live streams, photos and videos to help you engage our products with your followers, and please remember to tag us in your posts!

And don’t forget, since you’ll be joining an active community of lovely loyal Brand Reps’ you'll get exclusive access to our Brand Rep’ chats!

Every month as a brand rep you'll receive a free £20 Gift Voucher which you must use by the end of each month, or else it will expire. Using your £20 voucher you can buy any product on our website that you see tagged with the LS Bright Design logo (top left corner) whilst your 30% off code will work for all products. Please note there is a minimum spend of £25 (i.e. you would pay just £5 which helps cover our processing and postage costs). You agree that any curated assets that you provide can be used by LS Bright Design and/or our affiliate partners for all marketing purposes including any posts, stories or content that you produce as a result of your participation in this program. If you apply please ensure that you have the time to make the effort required to engage with our brand on a regular basis. Private Accounts cannot apply. All newcomers’ are subject to an initial trial period.